About Team Sustainable

SLM Facility Solutions Nationwide

Headquartered in Green Lane, PA, SLM –Facilities Solutions Nationwide manages solid and liquid waste services.  Our core competencies consist of waste/recycling, grease traps/jetting, bulk grease; hood/duct cleaning, and power washing.  We provide real-time web access, 24/7/365 customer service, strategic-customized customer IT interface, comprehensive reporting, accounting, research, and bottom line client savings guaranteed.

Team Sustainable is a SLM initiative to educate and facilitate more sustainable and green solutions for the businesses it serves and the community at large.

Rebecca Clouser
: Hi there! I’m Rebecca, and I am a huge believer in sustainability and I live by three simple rules: reduce, recycle, reuse, I mean hey, there is only one Earth and we all have to live on it!

Kim: You can call me the sustainable queen,  or Kim, but I prefer sustainable queen. I love all things green and love to learn about ways each individual can help the environment. I believe that each human being can make a significant impact for our earth and it is my job to spread that message!

Rebecca Clouser
: Hello! I’m new to the sustainability field but for a long time I’ve had an interest in keeping our environment clean. I am a firm believer that progress should not come at the expense of our environment and to that effect, I am always on the lookout for new products and innovations that are nature-friendly.


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