How One Company Can Make a Difference…

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Solar panels (Photovoltaic device) work by converting sunlight into electricity (photovoltaic effect).   Simply, Sunlight is composed of Photons (think of solar energy).  These packets of solar energy, Photons, contain different amounts of energy.  When Photons hit the solar panel they can be absorbed, reflected or pass right through.  The absorbed Photons generate the electricity.

Solar energy matters!!   We, as a society, are now realizing the power that shines on us each day.  The energy from the sun is immense!  Harnessing that energy can help protect the delicate balance of this great planet we live on and are Stewarts of.

Darden has done an amazing thing.  They have taken social responsibility to a new level.    Darden unveiled a 1.1 megawatt solar panel supercenter on the rooftop of their Orlando Restaurant Support Center.

Darden now becomes the largest private solar array in Florida.  This system will generate enough power to subsidize 15 to 20% of the Restaurant Support Centers annual usage.   That is like shutting down for two months!

A wonderful example of the leader in full Service Restaurants is taking social responsibility to new levels.

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